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Mudsock Youth Athletics has been serving families in Fishers for over 30 years as the primary out-of-school recreational opportunity for youth. More than 10,000 youth and adults participate in a variety of sports and athletic competitions each year, and more than  2,000 volunteers join to ensure the best sporting experience for participants and families.

Forté Sports Medicine is honored to partner with Mudsock Youth Athletics as the official orthopedic and sports medicine provider. Forté provides fellowship-trained orthopedic and sports medicine physicians for all injury and recovery needs in this role. And our Forté Fast Orthopedic Urgent Care is open for acute injuries that may arise during athletic events. For these events, Forté’s certified athletic trainers are on-site for football and soccer leagues to offer orthopedic expertise, injury prevention consultation and injury checks. “Mudsock Youth Athletics is excited to be able to connect our participants with some of best and most comprehensive care in the sports medicine space. We love to partner with community organizations that align with our mission and Forté Sports Medicine is a perfect fit,” said Scott Spillman, Mudsock executive director.

Matthew Negaard, MD serves as the club’s team physician. As a sports medicine and emergency medicine physician, Dr. Negaard treats and triages patients for treatment and recovery.


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Our Noblesville Forté Fast orthopedic urgent care clinic will be closed on Wednesday, June 7th and Friday, June 9th.

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