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Dance Kaleidoscope, a 13-member dance company and one of Indiana’s longest running dance organizations inspires, educates and entertains through the experience of contemporary dance. The company, located in Indianapolis offers pre-professional training and classes in a wide variety of dance styles for all ages and abilities.  

Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics partners with Dance Kaleidoscope to offer performance support and weekly injury checks for troupe members. While all of our Forté specialists are available to Dance Kaleidoscope, our physical therapist Andrea Wilson works most closely with their students. 

Wilson knows firsthand how passionate dancers want to avoid injuries and rehabilitate themselves quickly and safely. Wilson was a dancer for years and got inspired to become a physical therapist because she experienced so many injuries during her dance career. Wilson offers her patients a truly unique healing experience –her personal dance experience provides an in-depth knowledge of dancers’ movement systems which combined with her medical expertise offers unparalleled insight into dance medicine.

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Medicine to Help Dancers Build Performance and Resist Injury

“It takes more than talent to become a successful dancer: a lot of hard work and sacrifice are required as well. It is a difficult profession: stress and workloads are high, […]

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