Physician Referrals

Patients of any age—athletes and non-athletes, young and old—receive highly specialized orthopedic care from Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics doctors.

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How to Refer Patients

  1. Please fax your completed referral to 317-819-1209
  2. Please call our office with referral questions 317-817-1200

Our staff will contact the patient directly to schedule an appointment and will coordinate care with other providers.


Convenient Expert Level Care for your Patients

Our practice is trusted by pro sports teams, like the Indianapolis Colts, and by average patients of all ages. 


Ankle Pain

As the first major joint to absorb shock when moving, good ankle mobility is important. An ankle plays a critical role in your daily activities until you are experiencing pain. Whether caused by a sports injury, walking, or long-term degeneration, ankle pain shouldn’t sideline you. We provide top-notch ankle pain treatment for these conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel bursitis
  • Sprains
  • Dislocation
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • And more
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Elbow Pain

It is hard to do everyday activities when you have an injury or repetitive strain causing pain in your elbow. Simple tasks such as getting dressed or driving can suddenly become difficult. Thankfully, effective elbow pain treatment is available in all of our locations. Our specialists provide innovative solutions for even the most severe elbow conditions.

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Hand Pain

Imagine a day during which you couldn’t use your hands. You’d soon be reminded that our hands are among the most valuable tools we use to accomplish tasks at home, during work and at play. If your hands hurt, even simple tasks can become a painful ordeal. Allow our specialists to examine your hands for injuries or repetitive strain. With effective hand pain treatment, you’ll no longer need to worry about discomfort and weakening muscles in the hands. See a Forté physician whenever you have lingering or chronic hand pain.

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Knee Pain

Until you have knee pain, you may not realize everything your knee does. Obviously, the knees allow us to walk comfortably, but as the largest joints in our body, they also help us move in many ways. Without knee pain treatment, this pain may lead to further discomfort in your lower back, hips, ankles and feet. Talk to our team about developing a customized treatment plan to get you moving comfortably again.

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Shoulder Pain

Whether you’re pushing, pulling, or lifting things over your head, your shoulder is a crucial player in physical activity. Pain in the shoulder, which has the greatest range of motion in your body, can be caused by injuries or overuse. Given the complexities of the shoulder, skilled care is vital. Let our team of specialists provide a thorough diagnosis and personalized treatment plan to help you feel better, faster.

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Back Pain

Back pain is all too common—the CDC estimated in 2019 that 39% of American adults lived with back pain. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. But while back pain may come and go, it’s critical to treat it quickly. Untreated back pain can lead to further issues and take a toll on your quality of life. Ask our spine specialists about your options for back pain treatment.

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Foot Pain

Foot pain occurs for a variety of reasons—a sports injury, chronic degeneration or an everyday activity can be the cause. When you start feeling discomfort, it’s important to act as soon as possible. Your feet serve as the foundation for your entire body, and their health can impact your overall quality of life. Given that each foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and over a hundred soft tissues – and is critical to mobility – your feet need expert care. We provide an effective customized plan to get you back on your feet.

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Hip Pain

Healthy hips are critical for daily activities, such as sitting, standing, walking and bending, as well as more strenuous physical activities. While your hips can endure a lot of wear and tear, there comes a time when hip pain will keep you from living an active life. If discomfort is interfering with your ability to do things you enjoy, it’s time to act. Our physicians are experts in hip pain treatment and recommend the approach best suited to you.

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Neck Pain

Your neck does more than just provide support for your head. Although the bones in your neck are small and delicate, they enable you to perform a wide range of motion. Turning your head to check for traffic before crossing the street? Giving a reassuring nod to a friend? Both are possible due to the neck bones and muscles. Pain in this area can be debilitating and frustrating and, thanks to society’s reliance on electronics, is increasingly more common. Ask our experts about neck pain treatment options.

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Wrist Pain

Your wrists make lifting, gripping and twisting possible, all of which are essential to perform daily activities such as lifting, gripping and twisting. Wrist pain is not only frustrating, but it can also lead to further damage to your muscles and joints. Whether an injury or repetitive strain is causing pain in one or both of your wrists, our team of experts can provide the wrist pain treatment you need to continue your daily life comfortably.

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Our Forté Fast orthopedic urgent care clinic will be closed at our Noblesville location on Friday, July 19th.

Our Tipton location will be closed on Monday, July 22nd. We'll re-open with our normal business hours on Tuesday, July 23rd.

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