Patient Portal

Forté Sports Medicine’ and Orthopedics uses InteliChart, a secure patient portal that gives you access to your account, doctor, and Forté staff in one convenient and protected place. InteliChart is our brand-new patient portal. Any patient enrollments on our previous patient portal, NextMD or MedFusion, are no longer active.


Frequently Ask Questions

Learn more about how to use our secure, convenient portal.

How to create a Intelichart account

  • Fill out the form below to enroll
  • If you schedule or reschedule an appointment, you'll receive an invite via email to enroll
  • Once you receive the email, click on the link to create your Intelichart account
  • Check out our user guide if you have any questions or email

Enroll in our patient portal

Patient Portal Enroll Form

What can you do using Intelichart?

  • Electronically complete all required paperwork prior to your appointment
  • Notify us of any new changes to your insurance and send us front and back pictures of your card(s)
  • Send your doctor, physician assistant or rehab specialist a secure email about non-urgent clinical questions
  • Upload FMLA/Shor-Term Disability paperwork for us to complete
  • View, Request and cancel appointments
  • Get a medication renewed
  • Receive office visit notes, therapy orders, diagnostic orders, work and school notes as soon as they’re generated. Only applies to documents generated after 8/8/23
  • Request office visit notes (prior to 8/8/23), test results, x-ray reports and other imagery reports
  • Contact patient financial services to receive a pre-surgical estimate
  • Link accounts for Parents/Guardians and Trusted Representatives

I don't see any forms to complete

  • Forms are automatically sent as a link to your email and pushed to your Patient Portal account 2 days prior to your appointment
  • If you didn't see an email and it's within 2 days of your appointment, you can log into your patient portal account
  • On your homepage, under 'Your upcoming appointments', click 'Appointment Details' for the appointment in question
  • If you have forms to fill out, at the bottom of the window under 'Save time in the waiting room and fill out your forms early', you will see the required forms listed as hyperlinks
  • Click on each form to complete them

I want to receive notifications when Forte sends me a message.

  • In the Portal, go to the Menu Bar > Settings > My account
  • Look at the section called Notifications for - Your Name -
  • You can create a custom reminder. First click the hyperlink 'Edit notification settings' and enter your mobile number and cell phone carrier
  • Next click the hyperlink 'Add a notification'
  • You can set a notification to deliver to your email, text, or both whenever you receive a new message
  • Click Save Notification

My provider says they pushed a document to me, but I don't see it.

  • In the Portal go to the Menu Bar > Messages
  • Any document that is pushed to you by your provider's staff is located as an attachment on a message
  • Any document that automatically delivers to your portal upon completion will be viewable in the Documents area under the menu bar

I have an InteliChart Portal account with another practice.

  • Log into your portal account with the other practice
  • Go to the Menu Bar > Settings > Add PIN from another practice
  • Enter the PIN you received from Forte via email or text message and your Date of Birth
  • You may have to log out and back in to view all the information
  • You can now use the portal for both practices. The practices cannot see each other's data via your portal.
  • Other practices who have InteliChart include:
    • Goodman Campbell
    • Indiana Hand to Shoulder
    • Goshen Health
    • Southern Indiana Orthopedics

I tried to enroll in the portal, but I am getting an error for invalid email address.

  • Either you or a family member is already enrolled in an InteliChart patient portal with another practice
  • If you know your log-in information for the other practice, check out our FAQ for "I have an InteliChart Portal account with another practice"
  • If you don't know your log-in information for the other practice, click HERE and click 'Forgot Password' to receive a password reset.

Our Forté Fast Orthopedic urgent care clinic in Noblesville will close on Monday, June 24th at 11:30 am.

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