Joint Replacement

As an integrated orthopedic practice, Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics offers not only some of the area’s most experienced joint replacement surgeons but also in-office physical therapy and interventional pain management. Visit us when you’re concerned about a potential joint replacement or chronic pain.

Our joint replacement specialists do hundreds of joint replacement surgeries each year, using the latest techniques and technologies to help you get the best results and fastest recovery.

Using advanced techniques and technologies and working with the best available implant materials, we provide a wide range of pre and post-surgical—as well as non-surgical—options for managing your symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Forté approach joint replacement?

We’re a conservative practice, and look for non-invasive treatments for pain and arthritis wherever possible. However, for some patients, joint replacement is the best option. Our close partnerships with hospitals ensure that you get expert, experienced care at every step of your recovery.

Each of our joint replacement surgeons specializes in a particular area of the body, and performs a high volume of those surgeries each year. This gives our team more experience, more data to drive improvements and deeper insight into treatment options.

What if I’m not sure I’m ready for joint replacement?

At Forté, you receive the full spectrum of orthopedic care. Our doctors and therapists specialize in particular joints and parts of the body, and can help you make the best decision to handle your pain.

Determining your readiness for joint replacement surgery is a very personal decision. Our providers work closely with each patient to build you the best possible plan of care–surgical or non-surgical.

Before you have joint replacement surgery, you’ll attend an education session—either as part of a small class, or one-on-one with your surgeon—to be sure you understand the full range of your options.

What should I know about recovery from joint replacement surgery?

Our practice follows an outcome-based approach to joint replacement. We follow each patient’s results, and study the data to identify ways to keep improving our already high success and recovery rates.

We use advanced pain management techniques. To dull surgical pain for knee replacements, we use elective cryoblation. Additionally, using anterior approach hip replacement techniques reduces pain and promotes faster, easier recovery for hip surgeries.

Forté offers in-house physical therapy and interventional pain management, so your surgeon works directly with your recovery team and can help to personalize your pre- and post-surgical treatment.


Joint Replacement SPECIALISTS

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