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Founded in 1962, Brebeuf Jesuit High School is a private college-preparatory school that is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis.  Each student is challenged and inspired to strive for academic excellence while the staff also strives for the authentic development of each student to unfold in a supportive environment. To learn even more about their talents, the students of Brebeuf can participate in a wide variety of sports and 85% of their students participate in athletics during their four years.

Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics has partnered with Franciscan Health to provide expert care for training and medical needs of Brebeuf’s athletes. Forté provides a physician champion to evaluate, care for and help prevent injuries, and Franciscan provides on-site athletic trainers for physical therapy and athletic training.

Although any of the highly skilled Forté orthopedic and sports medicine specialists are available to Brebeuf Jesuit High School athletes, G. Peter Maiers II, MD serves as the school’s physician champion. Dr. Maiers is an orthopedic sports medicine physician with a specialty in hip and knee injuries. He lectures nationally, teaching other orthopedic surgeons some of the techniques that he employs. 


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Our Noblesville Forté Fast urgent care clinic will close at 11:00 am on Friday, April 19th.

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