Imaging Services

As part of our integrated orthopedic care, we offer convenient imaging services at our offices in Carmel, Noblesville and Greenwood. Our team provides specialized x-ray methods and uses a diagnostic process that produces custom radiography. Once your images are ready, your physician will get started on a personalized treatment plan.

Our in-house imaging includes specialized x-ray methods unique to orthopedic care. Because we work closely with the physicians in the practice, we have a diagnosis-oriented process that produces custom digital radiography.

After seeing your doctor, walk right over to our convenient imaging department. As soon as your x-ray films are ready, your doctor reviews the results and requests follow-up images immediately, without requiring you to make or pay for additional appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes imagery part of orthopedic services?

As part of your diagnosis, your orthopedic specialist may ask for specialized x-rays. While you should bring any imagery you already have, orthopedic imagery is different. Our radiologic technologists capture a more comprehensive array of angles and views based on your doctor’s request.

What should I expect when I get x-rays at your practice?

Because we often take more images at different angles than you might get at a basic x-ray, we explain the process and rationale behind your imaging order before we begin. We design our imaging protocols to minimize radiation and provide maximum safety for patients and staff.

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