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While certainly convenient for our patients, our integrated approach also makes sure that your doctor and ortho rehab staff are in close communication, working together to help you achieve a better, faster outcome.

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Knee Patient

After tearing her ACL, Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Hunter feared her lifelong career as a dancer was over. Thanks to the surgical repair of her ACL by Dr. Klootwyk and rehab with Jillian Hacker, a dedicated athletic trainer with the cheerleaders, Hunter is back to doing what she loves — dancing.

Tambi Smith

Spine Patient

After Tambi Smith had experienced lingering back pain for several years, she met with Board-Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Stephen Ritter for an evaluation. Dr. Ritter provided a quick diagnosis and performed surgery for Tambi, giving her much-needed pain relief. Today, Tambi is able to get back to enjoying everyday activities.

John Mattson

Knee Revision Patient

After experiencing continued pain from previous partial knee replacement surgeries, John Mattson came to Dr. Lucian Warth for help. Dr. Warth performed a full knee replacement revision and helped John get back to living without chronic arthritis pain.

Tarek Rahmany

Hip Replacement Patient

For 20 years, Tarek lived his life, unable to advance his leg or sit normally. He couldn't play an active role in his children's lives. With the help of Dr. Kevin Condict and Dr. John Hur assisting in OR, the two successfully reversed his hip fusion and gave Tarek his life back.

Cheryl Koryta

Knee Replacement Patient

Cheryl Koryta came to Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics for treatment due to arthritis in her knee. Just a few months after knee replacement performed by Dr. Scott Linger, she is able to take long walks with her husband again.

Kate Nikolai

Knee Replacement Patient

Kate Nikolai had been dealing with arthritis in her knees, making it difficult to pursue her passion of biking, running and water skiing. Eventually, Dr. Joseph Maratt performed double knee replacement for Kate and helped her get back to living an active lifestyle.

Karina Scott

Knee Patient

After tearing her ACL while playing basketball, Karina and her parents feared the worst—an end to her passion for basketball. After surgery performed by Dr. Thomas Klootwyk and physical therapy with Nate Mejeur, Karina is back on the basketball court for her senior year season.

Kirk Koenig

Hip Replacement Patient

As an international airline pilot with a busy schedule, Kirk Koenig couldn't let hip pain slow him down. When Kirk came to Forté for treatment, Dr. Thurman Alvey discovered the source of his pain and quickly referred him Dr. Joseph Maratt. After double hip replacement and physical therapy, Kirk has returned to the skies and enjoying an active lifestyle where he lives downtown Indianapolis.

Tony Constantine

Shoulder Patient

Tony Constantine of Bloomington, Indiana came to our facilities for treatment due to pain in his shoulder from an injury sustained while walking dogs.

Just a few months after rotator cuff repair performed by Dr. Scott Linger and physical therapy, Tony can get back to woodworking and enjoy his retirement.

Stacy Royer

Ankle Patient

Stacy came to Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics after spraining her ankle while letting out her brand new puppy, Auggie. With the help of Dr. Matthew Negaard and our team of physical therapists, Stacy is back to chasing after Auggie and living her best active life.

Laura Matthews

Hip and Shoulder Patient

Laura Matthews had been dealing with pain in her hip and shoulder when she came to Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. With ultrasound-guided injections performed by Dr. Matthew Negaard and physical therapy with Gabby Veldman, Laura is back to feeling better than ever.

Mayor Mark Myers

Knee Replacement Patient

After knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Joseph Maratt and physical therapy, City of Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers made a quick return to living an active life while continuing to serve his community. "Forté was incredibly informative about the entire process from start to finish," said Mayor Myers.

Don Clontz

Shoulder Patient

Maintaining the grounds at Oliver Winery and keeping up with his grandson means everything to Don Clontz. When his shoulder gave out after repetitive lifting last summer, Don was determined to return to his active lifestyle before the next mowing season.

After a rotator cuff repair performed by Dr. Scott Linger and weeks of occupational therapy, Don is back in action and feeling better than before.

Tony Sandlin

Hip Patient

After years of repetitive motion of climbing in and out of balloon baskets, Tony developed pain in both hips. After a double hip replacement performed by Joseph Maratt, MD, Tony is back in the sky and feeling better than ever.

Roger Fleetwood

Hip, Knee and Back Patient

Forty years of coaching Indiana high school basketball and being a former athlete himself took a toll on Roger's joints and back. A patient since 1983, Roger benefited from hip and knee surgeries which kept him on the court throughout the years. Roger is now retired and enjoys playing golf—thanks to pain management of his lower back by Dr. Tony Origer.

Jacey Vore

Ankle Patient and Gymnast

Gymnastics has been a lifelong passion for Jacey. When she tore her achilles she feared the worst—an end to her passion. With the help of Dr. David Porter and our specialized physical therapists, Jacey is back and performing better than before her injury.

Kevin Wilson

Hand Patient and Local Artist

Kevin developed pain in his hands after a lifetime of sketching. After surgical repair performed by Dr. Lance Rettig, Kevin is creating award-winning art and living his passion, pain-free.

Emily Dyson

Hip Patient and Contemporary Dancer

For Emily, dance means everything. After suffering from years of hip pain, Emily sought the help of Dr. Peter Maiers and our specialized dance medicine therapy program. Today, she is living her passion as a full-time dancer with Dance Kaleidoscope

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