Does your organization need access to a seasoned athletic trainer? Our athletic trainers will work alongside your team to provide preventative care, immediate sports medicine treatments and direct access to the region’s top orthopedic specialists. We can implement injury prevention programs and design warm-ups that keep your athletes on the field and healthy.

On-Site Sports Medicine

Having a full-time athletic trainer embedded with your team or club adds tremendous value to your program. In addition to immediate care, your athletic trainer offers performance evaluation, nutrition and hydration advice, education, and preventative interventions to keep your athletes playing at the top of their game.

Your athletic trainer implements injury prevention programs and designs warm-ups to keep your athletes healthy and ready to play. Immediate triage and treatment when an injury does occur can shorten recovery times—as does our open line to Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics for fast access to top specialists when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do athletic trainers do for teams?

Athletic trainers are sports medicine providers who specialize in injury prevention, triage, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. As a trusted staff member, your athletic trainer provides ongoing advice and care for your athletes, and serves as an advocate if they are injured on or off the field.

How are Forté athletic trainers different?

Athletic trainers are just one part of the continuum of care at Forté. In addition to specializing in sports medicine, our athletic trainers have direct access to and relationships with all of the sub-specialty physicians and physical therapists in our practice. When your athletes are injured, they’ll see one of the region’s top orthopedic specialists—fast.

What kinds of athletes do you work with?

We work with athletes playing all sports, and of all ages and abilities, from college to high school to youth sports clubs. We also specialize in providing medical coverage at sporting events and athletic contest of all types.

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