First Line Tactical Athlete

Our experienced athletic trainers deliver orthopedic care to those who serve our communities. We deliver a cost-effective, efficient model of comprehensive care to valued firefighters, public safety officers and other public safety personnel within the community. Our First Line Tactical Athlete program helps to prevent injuries, reduce the long-term impact of musculoskeletal issues and improve quality of life.

Immediate access to specialty-trained orthopedic experts

Forté embeds athletic trainers onsite at municipalities to deliver specialized care for public safety personnel. Police officers and firefighters have quick access to biomechanical analysis to identify functional deficits, proactive individualized prevention programs to improve movement patterns, orthopedic evaluation from leading orthopedic surgeons, and regular follow-ups and tactical rehabilitation with the embedded athletic trainer.


Larry Rockwell

Retired Battalion Chief, Greenwood Fire Department

If it wasn't for Forté and Wally and Liz, it was such a benefit to have them. They are the reason I came back as strong as I did. We weren't going to fail.

Mark Myers

Mayor, City of Greenwood

Our public safety officers go from zero to 60 in a second. When something doesn’t feel right, they can easily see the tactical athletic trainer and get preventative care. I’m 100% for that and I want the best for my people.

Michael Diekhoff

Chief of Police, City of Bloomington

For us, it’s a huge benefit because the officers have someone they can consult with, right here at the station, cutting down on time off.

Nate Hill

Shoulder Patient and Police Officer, City of Carmel

Our athletic trainer has been instrumental in keeping us healthy. Any type of minor issue that comes up can drastically turn into something major if left ignored. Now, we can have those things addressed right away

Tactical Athlete
No other program can offer the services and experience that Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics provides under one roof. Guaranteed.

Tactical athletes require specialized care

Cost Effective
As the job demands of law enforcement, fire and rescue become increasingly complex, the need to provide high-quality, specialized healthcare becomes essential. Our embedded athletic trainers deliver orthopedic care in service of those that serve our communities. Acting as a trusted resource, we deliver a cost-effective, efficient model of comprehensive care.
As part of our first-of-its-kind tactical athlete program, we place athletic trainers among teams of public safety officers, first responders and municipal workers. The embedded athletic trainer provides preventative care, health maintenance support, injury triage, immediate care and rehabilitation. They also provide a direct line of access to the region’s top orthopedic specialists trained at the highest levels.
Off site orthopedic
In rare cases, injuries must be sent off site to other orthopedic providers. In those cases, our athletic trainers expedite referrals, and when specialized rehabilitation or surgical intervention is required, they also coordinate care to ensure a seamless transition occurs between providers. No other program can offer the services and experience that Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics provides under one roof. Guaranteed.

Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics’ First Line Tactical Athlete Program provides evidence-based, patient-centered and integrated care that:

Reduces the number, severity and burden of musculoskeletal injuries
Reduces the long-term impact of musculoskeletal issues
Prevents acute and overuse injury
Improves near-term and long-term quality of life
Improves return-to-duty tempo

Benefits of embedding a Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics' athletic trainer in your department.

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention and Wellness Protection

Athletic trainers are specialists that focus on preventing primary injuries from occurring, and improving quality of life and work by managing conditions rapidly after they occur.
On Site Rehab


For most injuries, athletic trainers reduce time away from work and duty by providing on-site rehabilitation and treatment. This saves time and money for both the tactical athlete and the police or fire department.
Return to Work


Athletic trainers are highly skilled in functional activity and return to play/duty. Athletic trainers within our program work with sub-specialty physicians and rehabilitation professionals to design, build and implement an individualized plan so that tactical athletes can safety return to duty as rapidly as possible.

First Line Tactical Athlete Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tactical athletes?

Tactical athletes are professionals whose jobs demand a high level of physical activity or exertion while carrying a load. Firefighters, police officers, EMS, military, and corrections officers are examples of tactical athletes.

What is an athletic trainer?

An athletic trainer is a healthcare provider with a primary role in health and safety. Rather, athletic trainers have advanced skills in physical and occupational health, and are laser-focused on improving a tactical athlete's performance to safely keep them on the job.

Our practice requires athletic trainers serving tactical athletes to have a masters degree or doctorate in athletic training, and/or have successfully completed a long-term fellowship or residency in athletic training. We hold our professionals to high standards so that they can deliver comprehensive care to the organizations they serve.

What can an embedded athletic trainer do for my department?

Having an athletic trainer working daily in your department gives you an on-site resource for cost-effective, direct access care for your employees. From injury prevention to health maintenance counseling, concussion protocols to intensive neuromuscular control programs, we oversee the spectrum of care for your staff.

Having an on-site athletic trainer prevents injuries, streamlines workers compensation cases, covers non-work-related injuries that impact job functions, and keeps staffing levels up through preventative and maintenance care.

In addition to immediate and ongoing care, we’re also backed by a top orthopedic care practice with integrated specialty physicians, imagery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and DME. Our direct line to Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics expedites care and offers fast access to leading specialists.

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