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Arthritis in the shoulder can be debilitating. Shoulder pain can affect patients’ abilities to perform routine tasks, such brushing their hair or reaching a shelf. Patients with shoulder arthritis typically have difficulty sleeping due to pain. If non-operative treatments fail to diminish your shoulder pain and return you to living life to the fullest, shoulder replacement surgery can be an excellent option to reduce pain and restore range of motion.

Patients often ask, how do I know when the time is right for joint replacement? 

The answer is, we follow your lead. Choosing to move forward with a shoulder replacement is a personal decision. Your surgeon performs x-rays, a thorough history and physical exam to help figure out if you are a good candidate for a shoulder replacement. But ultimately, it is your symptoms and how much the shoulder arthritis pain is affecting you that determines when you are ready. For most patients, time is right when the pain starts interfering with their ability to sleep and even normal daily activities. 

Shoulder replacement offerings: 

  • Shoulder replacement
    • Primary (Anatomic) – OA (osteoarthritis) of the shoulder
    • Reverse – arthritis with severe bone erosion or rotator cuff tears, unrepairable rotator cuff tears, repair of certain fractures 
    • Revision – failed or painful shoulder replacement 
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Non-Surgical Treatment Options 

Before shoulder replacement is considered, we offer patients many non-surgical treatment options to manage arthritis pain including: 

  • Ultrasound guided injections
    • Cortisone
    • PRP injections
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
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Why should I choose Forté for my shoulder replacement?

Expertise and experience matter to ensure the best possible outcome from shoulder replacement. The level of specialization at Forté starts with our surgeons. Each of our shoulder replacement surgeons are fellowship trained and perform a high volume of shoulder replacements each year. 

Our surgeons performing a shoulder replacement utilize new technology for patient-specific surgical planning. The first step involves taking a CT scan of your shoulder. The CT image is used to create a 3D virtual model of your joint that will simulate the surgery before your procedure. This enhanced surgical planning enables your surgeon to determine:

  • Where cuts should be made for the least invasive procedure.
  • The exact amount of damaged bone that needs to be removed from the joint.
  • The optimal size and placement of your implants.
  • Your surgical team will sometimes use the software to create a customized 3D-printed guide to help align the implants as planned during your shoulder replacement surgery.

In partnership with Franciscan Health, we provide an elevated patient experience at our state-of-the-art Orthopedic Center of Excellence. Located under the convenience of one roof, shoulder replacement patients can access our physicians’ clinic, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, one-on-one shoulder replacement education, bracing and medical equipment retailer and surgery center equipped with the most modern technologies specialized for orthopedics. 

Learn more about the differences of shoulder replacement from primary to revision.

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