Our orthopedic experts use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to customize your treatment and optimize your recovery and rehabilitation.

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Walk-in to expert-level orthopedic urgent care. Get immediate access to expert and affordable orthopedic urgent care for recent bone, muscle, joint or sports medicine injuries. Leave with a personalized treatment plan.

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Bracing and Medical Equipment

Every patient deserves to have easy access to the right equipment and supplies to speed their recovery. Our bracing and medical equipment shops have everything you might need—crutches, braces, cryotherapy, and more—to get back to normal life.

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Concussion Care

Our concussion management physicians have years of experience in properly diagnosing and treating athletes with concussions. Our team uses effective diagnostic tests to return patients back to their active lifestyles.

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As part of our integrated orthopedic services, Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics offers convenient, orthopedic-focused imaging in all of our offices.

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Joint Replacement

As an integrated orthopedic practice, Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics not only offers some of the area’s most experienced joint replacement surgeons, but also in-office physical therapy and pain management.

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When you’re accustomed to living an active lifestyle, the last thing you want is to be sidelined from your life because of orthopedic pain. Orthobiologics and regenerative medicine has been an emerging field in orthopedic and sports medicine that provides alternative treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. 

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Our athletic trainers work alongside your team to provide preventative care, immediate sports medicine treatments, and direct, expedited access to the region’s top orthopedic specialists.

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Pain Management

The Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics pain management program takes a personal, multimodal approach. By understanding the nature of your pain and how different options work or have worked for you in the past, we can develop a highly personalized plan of action to improve your quality of life.

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While certainly convenient for our patients, our integrated approach also makes sure that your doctor and ortho rehab staff are in close communication, working together to help you achieve a better, faster outcome.

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Sports Medicine

The Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics team is nationally known for its the care it provides professional, collegiate or high school athletes. The same orthopedic specialists that treat your favorite teams deliver leading-edge care for people of all ages.

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Tactical Athlete

Our embedded athletic trainers deliver orthopedic care in service of those that serve our communities. Serving as a trusted resource, we deliver a cost-effective, efficient model of comprehensive care.

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Workers' Compensation

At Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics is skilled in dealing with orthopedic injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Our medical professionals help get employee back to work quickly and safely.

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Our Noblesville Forté Fast orthopedic urgent care clinic will be closed on Wednesday, June 7th and Friday, June 9th.

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