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Media Contact: Malia McGovern

Ankle Replacement Seminar

Event Date: 
April 4, 2024
Event Time: 
9:30 am
Join us for breakfast and a discussion on arthritis management and total ankle replacement. Dr. Wohler will discuss treatment options for ankle arthritis and advances in total ankle implants and […]

Franciscan Orthopedic Surgery Center In Carmel Awarded ACHC Certification

Apr. 01, 2024
CARMEL, Indiana - Franciscan Orthopedic Surgery Center, which is a joint venture with Franciscan Health Orthopedic Hospital Carmel and Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, was recently awarded full certification for […]
Patient Education

The Benefits of Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement

Mar. 20, 2024
In the mid-90s, a group of more than 27,000 Swedish patients who had knee replacement surgery received a postcard in the mail asking one question: Are you satisfied with the […]
Joseph Maratt
Patient Education

The Difference Makers of Knee Replacement Surgery

Mar. 13, 2024
Total knee replacement is the most common joint replacement procedure performed today, with a large majority of patients reporting near or complete relief of their arthritic symptoms after recovering from […]
Pickle Ball
Patient Education

From Pickleball to Airport Security: What to Expect After Knee Replacement Surgery

Mar. 13, 2024
If you suffer from severe knee arthritis that doesn’t respond to non-operative treatments, you may be considering knee replacement surgery. The procedure is a good option for patients with daily […]
Close-up of a person's hand experiencing finger pain
Patient Education

How to Tell if Your Finger is Broken

Mar. 11, 2024
How to Tell if Your Finger is Broken Fingers are incredibly nimble and essential parts of the body, often taken for granted in our daily lives. That is, until something […]
Woman with hip joint pain
Patient Education

Hip Bone Spurs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Mar. 08, 2024
As a dedicated customer of Forté Sports Medicine in Indiana, you're well aware that the rigors of an active lifestyle often bring intricate health challenges. One such issue is hip […]
Sports medicine physician's workspace with stethoscope, notepad, and sports equipment from a top view perspective
Patient Education

What Is a Sports Medicine Physician?

Mar. 06, 2024
What Is a Sports Medicine Physician? In the world of active living, sports medicine physicians are the silent linchpins who keep the wheels turning. These specialized doctors are athletes' dedicated […]
African American man experiencing lower back pain
Patient Education

How to Treat a Pulled Back Muscle: A Comprehensive Guide

Mar. 04, 2024
A pulled back muscle, also known as a back strain, is a common injury characterized by injury to the muscles and tendons in the lower back. It can result from […]
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