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Founded in 1865, Indiana State University (ISU) is a public university in Terre Haute, Indiana. The school awarded its first baccalaureate degrees in 1909 and currently has more than 3,000 students enrolled.   Proud members of the Missouri Valley Conference and contenders with other NCAA Division 1- schools, the ISU Sycamores have about 550 student athletes participating in varsity sports.

Jonathan Smerek, MD serves as lead physician, providing consultation and care for all ISU varsity sports.  He offers student athletes orthopedic expertise, injury prevention consults and injury checks. The entire Forté team joins Dr. Smerek to ensure all student athletes have access to  highly skilled orthopedic and sports medicine physicians.


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Our Noblesville Forté Fast urgent care clinic will close at 11:00 am on Friday, April 19th.

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