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Heritage Christian High School is an independent Christian school located on 38.5-acre campus in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Serving students from preschool to 12th grade, the school’s vision is to provide an outstanding spiritual and educational environment. The school’s athletic programs are grounded in its mission and drive the pursuit of excellence in athletics. The school offers 18 sports with 80% of its middle and high school students participating.

Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics partners with Franciscan Health to provide expert care for the training and medical needs of these student-athletes, providing a physician champion to help prevent and treat injuries. Franciscan provides on-site athletic trainers rounding out the team to provide physical therapy and athletic training.

Our physician champion at Heritage Christian is Matthew Negaard, MD. He is a primary care sports medicine physician who also has experience in the emergency room. Dr. Negaard enjoys his role with the team to help athletes focus on their goals and remain strong and healthy.


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Our Forté Fast orthopedic urgent care clinic will be closed at our Noblesville location on Friday, July 19th.

Our Tipton location will be closed on Monday, July 22nd. We'll re-open with our normal business hours on Tuesday, July 23rd.

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