Specialized Treadmills and Technology - Tools to Keep Runners on the Run

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December 12, 2022

When runners experience injury and pain, the blame usually rests squarely on biomechanics, Jen Lebeau, head of Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics' Run Fit program explains. In fact, at each of the five Forté locations, a specially trained physical therapist evaluates patients' particular muscle strength and length, checking joint angles at various phases of gait.

No stranger to running herself, Lebeau has completed multiple 5K,10K and half marathons, along with the Twin Cities Marathon. At running stores around the area, Jennifer has offered presentations and injury checks, all the while keeping her own knowledge fresh through continuing education courses.

The two important tools used at Run Fit include two elements:

1. Treadmills - the Alter G™ and Hydroworx™ are particularly helpful for:

  • runners who need to cross-train
  • runners who need to run with less impact for a time

2. Sparkmotion™ software for video analysis of biomechanical issues

For runners sidelined with an orthopedic injury, the situation can be both painful and frustrating. At Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, you should expect a thorough orthopedic evaluation and to leave with a set of exercises that address the biomechanical impairments causing the injury.

Success stories abound. Lebeau treated one runner who developed a quad strain after a 30-mile race. Walking on uneven ground, climbing stairs, biking and running all caused pain. Six weeks following an evaluation, Lebeau was able to do a treadmill gait analysis using Sparkmotion™ software. Within two months, the athlete was able to return to running pain-free.

Whether you are training for a race, recovering from cross country and prepping for spring track or wanting to run more recreationally, the RunFit crew at Forte will be ready with treadmills and technology

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