Run Fit

Using video analysis, we break down the biomechanics of your gait and offer exercises that address range of motion and strength deficits, faulty running mechanics and injury prevention.

Running is a complex set of simple movement patterns that can present various challenges in training and human performance. That’s why we’ve developed our Run Fit Program to help you recover from an injury and eliminate your pain.

Our physical therapists have extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and understand the physiology of running.

We start with a detailed evaluation to identify muscle imbalances and biomechanical impairments involved with running movement patterns.  We then provide a video analysis of your gait while walking and running and discuss exercises and training techniques to address findings from the assessment. Of course, no session is complete without also reviewing injury prevention considerations.

Run Fit Program appointments can be billed through insurance as a PT visit if part of an ongoing PT episode, or if a PT evaluation is medically needed. We also offer a cash pay option of $150.

To make an appointment at our Forté Run Fit locations offering this Run Fit Program – call 317.817.1200 for Carmel, Noblesville and Greenwood.


  • Any current running and strength programs you are working through.
  • Comfortable running clothes.
  • The shoes you typically run in.

Our Noblesville Forté Fast urgent care clinic will close at 11:00 am on Friday, April 19th.

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