Interventional Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is no easy task. Discomfort often makes doing daily activities you enjoy difficult and affects all aspects of your life. Receive relief for chronic pain with the latest treatment options. Our interventional pain management services are designed to alleviate discomfort in all areas of the body, including the arms, feet, back, neck  and legs.

Relieve chronic pain with a treatment plan personalized to your goals and lifestyle

If you are struggling to find relief from chronic pain, our team of pain management specialists are here to approach your care with dignity and compassion. We understand that each person is unique with their own goals to achieve quality of life. 

Whether you are unable to have complex surgery, or just not ready for surgical intervention, we take the time to understand the nature of your pain through innovative diagnostics, exam findings and a thorough review of your medical history to develop a personalized plan centered around your goals.

Interventional pain management treatment options

  • Diagnostic Procedures
    • EMG
    • Ultrasound
  • Injections – Others?
    • Corticosteroid (Cortisone steroid)
    • Orthobiologics (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • NSAIDS (Ketorolac)
    • Spine injections
    • Ultrasound Guided Injections 
  • Nerve Ablations 
  • ESWT (Shockwave Therapy)
  • Minimally Invasive Tenotomy (TenJet)
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Sprint PNS 
  • Implants 
  • Sympathetic Blocks

Commonly treated conditions

  • Acute pain from injury
  • Arm pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain 
  • Foot or ankle pain 
  • Hip or leg pain
  • Neck pain 
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tendon pain 
  • Wrist Pain 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your philosophy of care for pain management?

We develop patient-centered care plans that take your needs, goals, and lifestyle into account—treating you as a whole person, not just a condition.

To break the pain cycle, our program approaches the problem from multiple angles, and includes a wide variety of treatment options including injections, implants, and medication, but also lifestyle changes and physical therapy.

How can I get a personalized pain management plan?

To work with Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics’s pain management program, you’ll need a referral from your primary care doctor or other physician. Once you’re referred to the practice, we’ll meet with you one-on-one to build understanding about your situation, and then we’ll develop your pain management plan.

Because of the complicated nature of pain, it can take time to identify the cause and find the right solution for your discomfort. Working directly with a pain management specialist is the best and fastest way to get to the root of your pain and start alleviating it.

Can I continue the back pain or neck pain treatments I’ve done before?

It depends. We do not generally do same-day injections before consultation, and we very rarely prescribe opioids, even if a previous physician prescribed them. Be sure to bring your records or other information about your previous treatments to your appointments, and we’ll consider them as we get to know your case.

Do you prescribe opioids?

Except in extremely rare situations, our practice does not prescribe opioids for chronic pain. We believe in a more comprehensive approach to pain—working to understand the root causes and then developing a targeted strategy for pain management that is more effective and safer than opioid prescriptions.

What type of diagnostic testing do you have?

We offer a wide variety of diagnostics including x-rays, ultrasound, EMG and more.

Does Forté offer image-guided procedures?

Yes, our pain management specialists utilize ultrasound guidance for different treatments and procedures.

Will other orthopedic specialists be consulted in my care?

If needed, our pain medicine specialist collaborates with subspecialty orthopedic physicians within the practice.

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