Elbow Patient Testimonial

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July 6, 2023

Nothing could have prepared me for the moment I fractured my elbow. From the initial shock of the pain to the fear of, “Will I need surgery?”, and most concerning, “How will I be able to mother my child?”. It was all very overwhelming — that is until I walked into Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

My injury happened on a weekend. I was beyond grateful that the scheduling team at Forté was able to get me in to see Dr. Lance Rettig first thing that Monday. I didn’t know what to expect regarding my diagnosis, but I felt tremendous relief knowing Dr. Rettig specializes in hand, wrist and elbow injuries like mine. While I waited in my patient room, it was incredible to see many photos of athletes and their messages of gratitude hanging on the walls. I remember thinking in that moment, “I’m going to be okay, and I will get back to doing the things I love.”

That relief only grew stronger when Dr. Rettig walked into the room. He was incredibly kind and took the time to listen to my concerns and understand the source of my pain. After a thorough physical exam and review of my X-rays, he had an immediate diagnosis and the most excellent news an orthopedic surgeon can deliver — this injury will heal on its own with no surgery required.

Temporarily losing my dominant arm and ability to perform everyday tasks was a challenge. But, with each follow-up visit with Dr. Rettig and my occupational therapists, I started to feel less pain and gain more range of motion in my arm.

Forté’s model of care with every orthopedic service under one roof including the doctors’ clinic, rehab, x-rays and medical equipment meant fewer appointments, less time off work, less travel and I’m convinced — a faster recovery time. As a working mom with dogs, a home and farm to manage, I couldn’t be more grateful to have mobility and function of my arm again. It’s all thanks to the caring and highly skilled staff at Forté including the scheduling team, X-ray techs, Dr. Rettig, his clinical assistants, Shanna, Bradley and Whitney, and my occupational therapists, Todd and Sue.

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