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Media Contact: Malia McGovern
Patient Education

Recognizing the Red Flags of Back Pain in Adolescent Athletes

Jul. 21, 2023
Back pain is common in people of all ages and genders – and especially in young people who play sports. In fact, back pain is estimated to affect between 37% […]

Shoulder Replacement Seminar

Event Date: 
August 26, 2023
Event Time: 
9:00 am
Shoulder Replacement 101: How? Why? If you have ever had questions about your chronic shoulder pain or the possibility of shoulder replacement, we invite you to join our fellowship trained […]

Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Expands Team and Service Offerings to Further Enhance the Patient Experience

Jul. 17, 2023
Dr. Michael Del Busto joins the practice, bringing new testing and therapies in-house CARMEL, Ind. – Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, one of the country’s original sports medicine practices and […]

Elbow Patient Testimonial

Jul. 06, 2023
Nothing could have prepared me for the moment I fractured my elbow. From the initial shock of the pain to the fear of, “Will I need surgery?”, and most concerning, […]
The Shockwave Therapy for Tendon Pain at Carmel, IN.
Patient Education

Shockwave Therapy for Tendon Pain

Jul. 06, 2023
Shockwave Therapy for Tendon Pain Overuse or sudden stress on a tendon can cause pain and swelling that interferes with your daily life. It’s common for the pain to worsen […]
Patient Education

Bone Density is a Leading Factor in the Development of Common Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

Jun. 21, 2023
No pain equals no gain, right? Well, not necessarily. In adolescent and teenage athletes, there’s a chance pain, in combination with performance issues, could signal an overuse injury. An overuse […]
Functional Movement Screening

People of All Ages, Skill Sets Can Benefit from a Functional Movement Screen™

May. 30, 2023
Three points can mean a lot of things to athletes. A three-pointer, a field goal, a birdie and even a perfect movement pattern. A Functional Movement Screen™, or FMS for […]
Patient Education

How Strength and Conditioning Can Serve as Your Movement Multi-Vitamin

May. 24, 2023
It can be hard to escape misconceptions surrounding strength and conditioning. You know the ones – It will make you too bulky, too stiff and too slow. You’ll be more […]
Sports Medicine

Setting a Foundation for Fueling Performance through Sports Nutrition

May. 19, 2023
All things being equal, diet can be the x-factor that sets one athlete apart from another, both in the short term and for life. But in these days of information […]
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