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Media Contact: Malia McGovern

Elbow Patient Testimonial

Jul. 06, 2023
Nothing could have prepared me for the moment I fractured my elbow. From the initial shock of the pain to the fear of, “Will I need surgery?”, and most concerning, […]
Patient Education

Shockwave Therapy for Tendon Pain

Jul. 06, 2023
Shockwave Therapy for Tendon Pain Overuse or sudden stress on a tendon can cause pain and swelling that interferes with your daily life. It’s common for the pain to worsen […]
Patient Education

Bone Density is a Leading Factor in the Development of Common Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

Jun. 21, 2023
No pain equals no gain, right? Well, not necessarily. In adolescent and teenage athletes, there’s a chance pain, in combination with performance issues, could signal an overuse injury. An overuse […]
Functional Movement Screening

People of All Ages, Skill Sets Can Benefit from a Functional Movement Screen™

May. 30, 2023
Three points can mean a lot of things to athletes. A three-pointer, a field goal, a birdie and even a perfect movement pattern. A Functional Movement Screen™, or FMS for […]
Patient Education

How Strength and Conditioning Can Serve as Your Movement Multi-Vitamin

May. 24, 2023
It can be hard to escape misconceptions surrounding strength and conditioning. You know the ones – It will make you too bulky, too stiff and too slow. You’ll be more […]
Sports Medicine

Setting a Foundation for Fueling Performance through Sports Nutrition

May. 19, 2023
All things being equal, diet can be the x-factor that sets one athlete apart from another, both in the short term and for life. But in these days of information […]

Tips for Preventing Stress Fractures in Athletes

May. 15, 2023
Just a few games into his second season with the Chicago Bulls, legendary basketball player Michael Jordan suffered a dreaded injury – a stress fracture in his foot. It was […]

Knee Arthritis and Replacement Seminar

Event Date: 
June 17, 2023
Event Time: 
9:00 am
JOIN US FOR BREAKFAST AND A DISCUSSION ON ARTHRITIS MANAGEMENT AND KNEE REPLACEMENT This seminar is open to the general public. Saturday, June 17 | 9 - 11 am Orthopedic […]

The importance of multi-level partnerships for new build ASCs — Insights from Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

Apr. 20, 2023
Becker’s ASC Review recently spoke with Marty Rosenberg, CEO of Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, a five-location orthopedic group with ASCs in Indianapolis that built out a new orthopedic hospital […]
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