For Improved Patient Outcomes, Integration is the Secret Sauce

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July 18, 2022

Orthopedics, one might say, is all about connections - after all, our skeletal system is connected by the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that allow us to move about.

In similar fashion, Director of Rehabilitation Scott Hamersly believes orthopedic care works best when there is connection and coordination between the surgeons and rehabilitation team members. In fact, Hamersly explains, integration offers more than convenience for patients; it leads to markedly improved outcomes.

In an integrated system:

  • Communication is improved as rehabilitation providers have daily contact with physicians. There are no delays in contacting the physician provider to get updates, test results, or physician reports.  
  • Rehabilitation providers have immediate access to all imaging, surgical reports, x-rays, MRIs and rehabilitation notes.
  • The physicians routinely round rehabilitation to check on patients.
  • Scheduling is coordinated.
  • All rehabilitation providers are trained under the same system, under the same group of physicians and surgeons, using the same protocols.
  • Most importantly, patients receive quicker access to rehabilitation evaluation and treatment — which means faster recovery times and better outcomes.

Just as connective tissue enables mobility, an integrated orthopedic practice improves patient outcomes.

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