How Forté Fast Eliminates the Wait for Expert Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment

It’s no secret orthopedic patients can sometimes wait weeks or months to be seen by a physician. As Carmel resident Terry Lewkoski knows all too well, the wait is inconvenient […]
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How Forté’s Outreach Program Benefits Athletes of All Ages and Abilities

For decades, Forté’s athletic trainers have been on the sidelines of major sporting events and athletic contests across the state. Their skills and training in injury prevention, triage, treatment and […]
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The Importance of Stretching to Prevent and Manage Back Pain

One hundred years ago, someone on a mission to improve their health might have strolled into their local drugstore and purchased a pack of cigarettes. Yes, you read that right […]
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84-Year-Old Completes Marathon After Injury, Wins Age Class and Inspires Others to Stay Active

By Bill Benner, Sports Journalist As a career wordsmith, I’m rarely challenged to find, well, words. But in speaking with Bev Watt, I was momentarily wordless to describe this woman’s […]
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