Throwing Athlete Program

Enhance your performance on the diamond with tailored rehabilitation, sport specific training and screening services specific to the overhead athlete.

The repetitive, violent nature of throwing a baseball and swinging a bat can lead to a wide range of injuries throughout the human body. Our team of board certified physical therapists, who specialize in treating, training and screening throwers from youth ages to the big leaguers, are here to ensure that you will continue playing at a heightened level of performance, all while staying healthy.


  • Screenings: injury screen, range of motion measurement and strength assessment
  • Performance Enhancement: strength and conditioning, speed and agility, power development
  • Arm Care: soft tissue work, manual resisted and stabilization exercises; pre/post-throwing recovery 
  • Rehabilitation: acute injuries, chronic conditions and post-surgical recovery
  • Mechanics Assessments: video-based throwing assessments from the mound or respected position.


Taylor Miller, DPT

  • Residency-Trained Physical Therapist with a specialty in treating overhead athletes
  • Has worked with athletes of all levels: youth, high school, collegiate and professional ranks
  • Played collegiate baseball as a middle-infielder
  • Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 
  • EXOS Performance Specialist 
  • OnBaseU Pitching Certification 
  • Speaking Engagements: 2022 Butler Athletics Clinic, IU PT School Overhead Athlete Return to Sport Criteria 2021/2022 

Request an appointment at 317.817.1200.

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