Golf Fit

Golf Fit is designed to enhance a golfer's flexibility, strength and balance as it relates to the mechanics of your golf swing.

Sure, golf fitting appointments are plentiful for those in the market for new clubs. Yet, programs operated by physical therapists who also love and play the sport are few and far between. Until now.

We’re here to help you enhance your flexibility, strength and balance, while we assess the mechanics of your golf swing.

Our Titleist Performance Institute-certified specialists will combine the results of your TPI-based movement screen with a video analysis of your golf swing to identify areas of tightness, weakness, instability and imbalance.

Following the initial screening, we will review the findings with you, and instruct you in the specific exercises and activities to perform to address your limitations, similar to what we did for Barry Midkiff.

“I turned to Forté for help to improve my performance with my golf swing and also improve my durability on the golf course, with the goal of being able to finish a round of golf that wasn’t so painful,” says Carmel resident Barry Midkiff.  “I came out of the program with some stretching and strength exercises that were targeted to different areas of the body that were identified in the assessment as being weak,” he says. “It’s improved my ability to enjoy the game without a lot of pain.”

Golf Fit Program appointments can be billed through insurance as a PT visit if part of an ongoing PT episode, or if a PT evaluation is medically needed. We also offer a cash pay option of $150.

To make an appointment, call 317.817.1200.

Our Noblesville Forté Fast urgent care clinic will close at 11:00 am on Friday, April 19th.

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