Craig Rak was introduced to physical therapy as a high school athlete when rehabilitating from injuries to return to sport. He later developed a deep interest in the body’s resilience and capacity for movement as a weightlifter and CrossFit athlete.

Craig loves developing patient relationships with active listening and developing a safe environment for the patient. He believes this facilitates a deeper understanding of what brings a patient to him and what role he can take in their rehab process. Craig tailors his interventions and education to the needs of the individual rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. He feels this empowers his patients to ultimately recover in the most efficient way possible.

When not working, Craig lives an active lifestyle through mountain biking, hiking, weightlifting and pickleball. He prioritizes spending time with his wife and two dogs as family is very important to him. Craig and his wife are beyond excited to be expecting their first child this Spring.

Physical therapist assistant Megan Rae Hutton enjoys helping young athletes and adults return to their passions after injuries or surgeries like others did for her. A multi-sport athlete in high school who dealt with ankle sprains, concussions and a torn ACL, Megan experienced her fair share of physical therapy and credits her PT with enabling her to play college basketball at Anderson University. Today, Megan aims to help patients, no matter their season of life, achieve normalcy and get back to the things they love. Her focus areas include the hip, knee and ankle, with return to sport and hydrotherapy. When Megan’s not in the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son and dog; baking; and watching and attending sporting events, especially basketball and football games.

Sarah Eaton, PT, DPT, ATC/L, enjoys helping patients understand their diagnosis and providing them with tools to manage their condition in a simple and effective way. A two-sport athlete as a teen, Sarah was inspired to pursue a career in physical therapy after shadowing her high school’s athletic trainer. She focuses on both the non-operative and operative treatment of the knee and takes pride in the collaborative approach Forté provides for patients. When she’s not at the clinic, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and two boys, watching sporting events, attending concerts, reading, watching movies and working out.

Joseph Alumbaugh, PT, DPT, believes your physical therapy journey should be as fun as possible while still meeting your needs. It’s an approach he’s honed since college, when he first found himself drawn to physical therapy due to the opportunity to blend his passions for sports, anatomy and physiology, and helping people. Today, Joseph strives to rehab injuries effectively while keeping a patient’s individual goals as a priority. While his focus areas include Golf Fit, lifting and weight training, he enjoys helping all patients regain the function needed to return to the things that make them happy and fulfilled in life. Outside the clinic, Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife and son, especially through family travels; participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and golfing; and homebrewing and winemaking.

Natalie Cupero, PT, DPT, MS, understands what it’s like to be an injured athlete willing to do whatever it takes to return to the sport you love. As a competitive gymnast for over two decades, she faced physical therapy numerous times. While Natalie still has a unique interest in human performance and strength training, she currently channels her strong gymnastics and dance background into her work helping patients accomplish their goals. Natalie is a former member of the national championship-winning acrobatics and tumbling team and club gymnastics team at Baylor University, where she received her bachelor’s degree. While pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Notre Dame, she found working with physical therapists and athletic trainers for the football team extremely rewarding. The experience led to a rotation with the Indianapolis Colts during physical therapy school.

Kaitlynn Austin, PT, DPT, provides personalized care for her patients by tailoring treatment to focus on their individual goals. This approach to care stems from her passion for helping people and her interest in health and wellness. Kaitlynn’s interest in physical therapy was sparked when she became a patient due to sports-related injuries. The experience provided insight into the profession and how impactful physical therapists can be in the lives of their patients. Additionally, as a former Division I soccer player in college, Kaitlynn understands how much it means to her patients of all ages and abilities to return quickly and safely to their chosen sport(s) and active lifestyle. When she’s not at the clinic, you’ll likely find her playing sports, mountain biking, weightlifting and staying active with her family.

Physical therapist Brooke Wilson takes a patient-centered approach to care by tailoring exercises to help patients achieve their goals. A native of Noblesville, Indiana, she spent her youth dabbling in a variety of sports, from gymnastics and cheerleading to track and field. Following high school, Brooke graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Movement and Sports Science. She was then accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Indiana University at IUPUI. But no worries – Brooke will always be a Boilermaker at heart! Post-graduation, she has been living out her passion by working as an orthopedic physical therapist treating a variety of conditions, from post-operative to work-related and sports-specific injuries.

In her spare time, Brooke can be found watching Purdue basketball, playing with her basset hound pups, cycling, or enjoying time with her husband and their families and friends.

Occupational therapist and certified hand therapist Anne Casavant enjoys working with people to help them heal from injuries and get back to living life to the fullest, whether they are returning to work, a hobby, a sport or just simple everyday activities. Anne specializes in the prevention and treatment of injuries to the upper extremities, specifically the hand, wrist and elbow. She takes a hands-on approach to patient care in which she puts a focus on patient education and treating the whole person – addressing both the physical and mental aspects of an injury – to ensure a successful recovery.

Outside of her work, Anne enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters, as well as baking, fitness activities and being outdoors. She also makes time to volunteer at her daughters’ schools and in the neighborhood.

A former collegiate basketball player, Evan Henry, DPT, knows the benefits of teamwork, which is why he takes a collaborative approach to patient care. With focus areas that include post-operative rehab for the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle; strength and conditioning; and helping athletes return to sport – his goal is to empower patients to take control of their rehab while providing information throughout their journey to help them see the importance of a well-balanced recovery. Evan takes time to understand the bigger picture when it comes to each patient and their goals. His patients can expect frequent communication, reflection on their progress and a holistic approach to supporting the rehab process. When he’s not working, Evan enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing, watching sports and weightlifting.

Our Forté Fast Orthopedic urgent care clinic in Noblesville will close on Monday, June 24th at 11:30 am.

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