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Matthew Pritchard

Physician Assistant Specializing in Hip and Knee Replacement

Matthew Pritchard was drawn to a career as a physician assistant by the opportunity to develop a surgical specialty while working in both the operating room and the clinic. His background in sports medicine and orthopedics – combined with his experience serving as a high school athletic trainer – ensures he’s an integral part of Forté’s team of highly skilled PAs.

Matthew currently works with Dr. John Hur in orthopedic surgery, specializing in hip and knee replacement. He likes to start with conservative and simple treatments while making sure his patients are well-informed of all future treatment options.

In his free time, Matthew plays golf and softball. He also enjoys grilling and cooking.

Areas of Focus

Hip and Knee Replacement

“My patients can expect us to work together as a team to decide the best treatment option for their individual scenarios.”
Matthew Pritchard
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Our Forté Fast Orthopedic urgent care clinic in Noblesville will close on Monday, June 24th at 11:30 am.

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