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How Long It Takes to Recover from Shoulder Replacement Surgery

You may be considering shoulder replacement surgery if you suffer from life-limiting shoulder pain that doesn’t respond to non-operative treatments. The procedure helps relieve pain, improve function and increase your […]
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Understanding the Different Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement is the third most common joint replacement surgery after knees and hips. The procedure is a reliable option for reducing pain and improving function in your shoulder.You may […]
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How Shoulder Replacement Is Evolving with Better Implants and Patient-Specific Surgical Planning

Advances in medical technology and surgical techniques have made total shoulder replacement one of the most successful orthopedic surgical procedures performed today, with primary (anatomic) shoulder replacement being one of […]
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Three Important Steps to Prepare for Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement is surgery to remove damaged parts of your shoulder joint and resurface them with smooth metal and plastic implants. Due to advancements in technology and surgical techniques, it’s […]
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How to Tell if Your Finger is Broken

How to Tell if Your Finger is Broken Fingers are incredibly nimble and essential parts of the body, often taken for granted in our daily lives. That is, until something […]
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Hip Bone Spurs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

As a dedicated customer of Forté Sports Medicine in Indiana, you're well aware that the rigors of an active lifestyle often bring intricate health challenges. One such issue is hip […]
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What Is a Sports Medicine Physician?

What Is a Sports Medicine Physician? In the world of active living, sports medicine physicians are the silent linchpins who keep the wheels turning. These specialized doctors are athletes' dedicated […]
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How to Treat a Pulled Back Muscle: A Comprehensive Guide

A pulled back muscle, also known as a back strain, is a common injury characterized by injury to the muscles and tendons in the lower back. It can result from […]
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How to Improve Sleep for a Better Recovery

A better, faster exercise recovery is a goal shared by many young athletes, as well as their parents and coaches. While a number of things can help, including good nutrition, […]
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