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How to Improve Sleep for a Better Recovery

A better, faster exercise recovery is a goal shared by many young athletes, as well as their parents and coaches. While a number of things can help, including good nutrition, […]
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Treating Injuries with Ice and Heat

Ice and heat are valuable tools for treating injuries and reducing pain. The benefits include being easy to use and helping with a wide range of issues; however, it’s important […]
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3 Tips to Help Prevent Sports Injuries

No matter the activity or ability level, a sports injury can be devastating both physically and mentally to young athletes. As parents and coaches, we want to do what we […]
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4 Ways Forté’s Athletic Trainers Can Enhance the Student-Athlete Experience

As the River States Conference volleyball tournament came to a close in early November, IU Kokomo players were celebrating an undefeated conference season and tournament. As one of the team’s […]
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When Reverse Shoulder Replacement is the Best Option

Total shoulder replacement is a procedure to resurface both sides of your shoulder joint with implants meant to feel and function like your natural shoulder. There are two types of […]
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How TenJet Can Help Relieve Chronic Tendon Pain

If you’re struggling with chronic tendon pain that isn’t responding to medications and other therapies, your physician may recommend a minimally invasive procedure known as TenJet. TenJet is replacing the […]
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Guidelines for Returning an Athlete to Play

When can I return to play? It’s a question often on the minds of injured athletes, whether they’re being evaluated on a sideline for something minor or suffered a season-ending […]
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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Runners are often on the lookout for the latest and greatest footwear to help them run longer, faster and pain-free. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where […]
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How GMI Therapy Can Help Improve Quality of Life for Chronic Pain Sufferers

For patients who suffer from chronic pain, including symptoms related to complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS, rehabilitation and physical therapy are key to decreasing pain, increasing functionality and improving […]
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