Strategically taping muscles reduces swelling and improves joint health, while also reducing pain.

Strategically taping muscles reduces swelling and improves joint health while also reducing pain. There are four types of kinesio tape used, ranging in uses for those with more sensitive skin or those who need lower or higher tensions. Therapists also use a range of shapes and cuts to address different issues and different parts of the body.

Kinesiotaping can be used in many different types of patients at many different stages of rehabilitation. The tape can be used for days at a time and provides support for muscles and joints while healing. By gently lifting the skin, the tape decreases inflammation, increases circulation and helps to reduce pain and swelling.

Kinesiotaping is a treatment that is used to help promote what is being done in physical therapy sessions and can even be taught to the patient to do at home. Many people can benefit from kinesiotaping – from athletes to geriatric or pediatric populations.

Conditions involved:

  • Joint, muscle or tendon injuries or pain
  • Injury prevention
  • Performance enhancement
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