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Robert Klingshirn

Physical Therapist

Robert Klingshirn PT, MHS, was drawn to helping others through physical therapy after serving in the U.S. Navy. He believes the pioneering spirit of America leads many people to value independence, and he aims to foster that in each of his patients. Robert specializes in general orthopedics, including the spine and extremities. When he’s not working, Robert enjoys taking part in nearly any outdoor activity, from hiking and snow skiing to swimming and kayaking. One of his favorite activities is cycling.


  • Indiana University, Bloomington, IN – BS (Physical Therapy)
My treatment philosophy is to help patients become independent through the rehabilitation of their injury and the realization that they have the tools to continue with self-care once they graduate from physical therapy.”
Robert Klingshirn
As someone who has had back issues since high school, I look back over the past year and am so grateful for the tools you (Robert) gave me to stretch and strengthen my back for the prevention and treatment of back pain. I have been very faithful to my exercises and have had so many fewer and shorter bouts of back pain. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and was still doing my exercises until a couple of weeks ago.
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