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More than 100 Bloomington Police Department officers  protect its 85,000 residents.  These tactical athletes must be strong, fast and agile to perform on demand and meet the unpredictable activities of their jobs.  Because they are at greater risk of injury than most occupations, the officers must continually prepare their bodies for physical uncertainties.

Forté’s First Line Tactical Athlete Program is a proud partner of the Bloomington Police Department. This program embeds a full-time athletic trainer in the police department to provide health care to the men and women who serve this community.  The partnership includes screenings, education, individualized preventative programming,  on-site evaluations, imaging and rehabilitation services which may include referrals to Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedic physicians. 

“This program helps promote a better mindset because our officers know that we are concerned about their well-being,” said Michael Diekhoff, chief of the Bloomington Police Department. “Having an athletic trainer in-house is hugely beneficial for keeping our officers healthy and working. Our officers truly appreciate that.”

Providing care to Bloomington’s police department is Samantha Ray, a certified athletic trainer who has experience treating athletes at Franklin College across a variety of disciplines such as volleyball, cheerleading, cross country and track and field. Ray uses her training and medical expertise to provide preventative care plans and injury healing treatment. Through daily interactions with the officers, Ray has become part of their team and serves not only as a healthcare provider but also as a patient advocate.

“It’s our privilege to help treat these tactical athletes like the professional athletes they are," said Scott Linger, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. “Our team provides continuous preventative care, treatment and access to specialized orthopedic experts in Bloomington to help improve their performance and get them back to  protecting and serving those who live and work in this community.”

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